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A piece of heaven where anything is reflected into the blue sea

Caravan Park La Vesima è collocato in a strategic point where sea and mountains are melting to create a place with a wonderful climate always pleasant and accogliente
Situated in the centre of Liguria is the ideal departure to visit our beautiful region, from the famous Cinque Terre to the wonderful “Riviera dei Fiori” or Cote D'Azur (French Riviera)

The variety of colors and shades make it one of the most significant reasons to spend your holidays in these places, making it the ideal setting for your relaxing days thanks to the beautiful landscapes and clean sea.

The breathtaking scenery that you enjoy from the mountains of the Beigua Park offer a unique point of view. Since November 2015, the territory of Beigua, the largest protected area of Liguria, is recognized as UNESCO site as part of the prestigious list of UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Wonderful natural scenery

In Beigua Park you can visit different sites of geological interest where you can discover the fascinating evolutionary history of this territory, such as the spectacular canyon of the "Valle Gargassa", the "Piana of Tiglieto Abbey", the first Cistercian abbey built outside the borders of France (in 1120).
An area of ​​outstanding natural value where within a few kilometers you can enjoy typical flowers of the Mediterranean stain or run into valuable high altitude lands, witnesses of distant epochs. In Geopark Beigua hikers can make use of a dense network of hiking trails that stretches for about 500 km. and that allows you to admire and appreciate the environmental beauty and historical and cultural aspects of this beautiful area.


The beautiful landscape combined with the calm and tranquility that you feel between the green and blue of the beautiful trascks that from the coast, in a few kilometers, leading to the base of the Apennines, are an invitation to enjoy the outdoors by relaxing your mind keeping the body fit by walking
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The five valleys hike

From here, you can start the Five Valleys Hike that connects Arenzano to Varazze: a 15 km stretch where you will be able to admire the enchanting landscape along this bike path, which retraces an ancient railway while passing through old tunnels.

Sport and Relax

Several options of recreation and sport are available in this area: trekking, mountain bike, golf, motocross, free-climbing, horseback riding, all kind of underwater activities and whale watching. The pristine nature in the valleys around Genoa finds its maximum expression in the Beigua Natural Regional Park, a place to discover with hikes and walks.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bike lovers will be able to explore the evocative tracks crossing the hills, cycle picturesque trails along the coastline or climb to the top of steep pinewoods. The roads of the Ligurian Riviera are perfect for pleasant rides, enhanced by the colors of the sea and the perfumes of the Mediterranean Scrub.

The Haven shipwreck

The Haven, a 335 meters long by 52 meters wide oil tanker sunk on April 14th, 1991, just offshore of Arenzano and is nowadays the Mediterranean's biggest shipwreck open to the public. It is one of the most important and renowned wreck of the world, home to anemones, oysters, nudibranchia and alcyonaria. A must for the diving lovers are the visit to the Haven shipwreck, the Pifferaio (the Piper) area and many more.


Jogging and walks are the most practiced activities on the coast. Trekking lovers shouldn't miss Arenzano's Mare Monti March on the second weekend of September, the best way to discover the Ligurian landscape.


The transparent waters of the Ligurian Riviera are perfect for all kind of underwater activities, from free diving to fish or to enjoy the sea bed, to scuba diving for studying sea life or observing shipwrecks and archaeological finds. Among the most fascinating, the ones around the Haven shipwreck.

Rock climbing

The Ligurian inland is full of ready-to-climb cliffs. One of the most beautiful areas for all levels of ascent is Finale Ligure, where wonderful pink shelly limestone faces offer unforgettable emotions to the free-climbing lovers. The nearby Val Pennavaire, a pleasant and wild canyon not far from the sea in the area between Finale Ligure, Albenga and Toirano, is a true paradise for the climbers. More inland, in Voltri, stands the remarkable Rocca du Fo.

Rafting and Canyoning

Liguria is the destination of choice of the rafting and canyoning lovers. The waterways of the region are perfect to organize exciting aquatic activities and sports like hydrospeed, rowing, kayaking, rafting and much more. The lovers of these disciplines will enjoy the turbulent rapids and the torrents on a kayak. The Valley of Scrivia is particularly appreciated by the rafting and canoeing lovers.

Horseback riding in Liguria

The Ligurian Riviera is a true paradise for the horseback riding lovers, with its equipped trails crisscrossing the whole province. It hosts several specialized facilities and high-quality riding stables ready to provide services and assistance to those wanting to spend pleasant days horse riding from the coastal plains to the beech groves in the inland.


For the paragliding lovers and for those wanting to learn this discipline and live unforgettable experiences aloft while being lulled by the delicate rustles of the wind, the areas of Bergeggi, Varigotti and Finale Ligure are perfect for exciting takeoffs. Some of these areas, being close to the sea, allow a landing on the beach.

Terme di Genova

Terme di Genova is an oasis of health and well-being just a few steps from the sea. Located in the hinterland of the west of Genoa, just a few kilometers from the coast. The history of the ancient town of Acquasanta is always linked to the existence of thermal waters that gush out.
The mineral water with sulphates and pH of 11.49, has unique features, it is suitable for the treatment of respiratory tract, through the inhalation treatments, both for the care and beauty of the skin. Since the Middle Ages people used to go to Acquasanta to treat diseases of the respiratory tract and skin with "miraculous" waters, whose virtues have been used in a systematic way since 1830, with the original spa building.
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