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Arenzano and
Ligurian Riviera

Pearl of the Riviera di Ponente

The Caravan Park La Vesima is located in a strategic position where sea and mountains meet to create an environment with a mild and welcoming climate.The nearby town of Arenzano is the Pearl of the Riviera di Ponente with the boardwalk and the sixteenth-century Villa Negrotto Cambiaso (the town hall) and its important park. Around the villa, you can enjoy amazing showcast of local and exotic botanical specimens, rare in Liguria.

The monumental Liberty Greenhouse is one of the biggest in Europe, all white, made of glass and iron with a dome inspired by the nineteenth-century Victorian England ones. In the last week of April is hosts FlorArte, an exhibition of combinations between artworks by local artists and creative flower arrangements. Besides the botanical rarities, a rich wildfowl of great interest populates the meadows and ponds: geese, peacocks, ducks and water turtles.

The park is part of the Beigua Regional Park and is a transit area for many species of migratory birds.
Not to miss either, is the Sanctuary of the Holy Child Jesus of Prague, on a high ground not far from the town center, the trails leading to the The High Way of the Ligurian Mountains and the wonderful sea bed, rich of life and full of surprises.

Ligurian Riviera

The Ligurian Riviera offers views and extraordinary landscapes enjoying the fabulous bond between the blue of the sea and the deep green of the pinewoods and the olive trees sprawled on the surrounding hills.
The ancient fishing villages of Cogoleto, Varazze and Celle, for example, are a maze of alleyways sided by curious tall and narrow buildings with whimsical facades.
The art enthusiasts shouldn't miss Albisola, whose pottery tradition dates back to 1400, and Altare, the famous inland village not far from Savona, guardian of the tradition of the glass art.
From the nature to the table, a lot of local culinary traditions still are part of the daily life, reminding us of the sea, the meadows and the inland peaks. A world of flavors, scents, perfumes, produces and dishes is revived every year during the many Fairs.
A journey with the scent of basil, like the incomparable one from Prà, with its tender small leaves, green and perfumed.
The delicious focaccia from Voltri, with or without onions, thinner and crispier than the one from Genoa, cooked in trays or at the bottom of the oven.
The famous Farinata, baked by the “farinotti” from Pegli, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, brick oven baked in a round copper tray. Always made with chickpeas flour, the panissa, similar to polenta, is served cold or lukewarm with oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh spring onion.
Equally appetizing, the focaccini of Crevari, fried and stuffed with potatoes, their only ingredients are flour, olive oil, water and salt. Don't forget the Acquasanta short crust canestrelli with granulated sugar on top. Such delicacies can be enjoyed with the fine white wines of the region like the Pigato or the Vermentino, or with the robust Ligurian red wines, such as the Rossese.
The Ligurian Riviera is blessed with mild climate year-round, thus attracting a good number of tourists during wintertime thanks to limited temperature range, many hours of sunlight and low rainfall.

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